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Take your corporate event into the virtual world. We provide all the tools, support, and expertise to broadcast your event online. Whether it is an interactive internal training or an international conference, our expert team will create a seamless and coherent virtual experience. 

Our expertise 

A virtual corporate event is a corporate event that has an interactive online component. What this means is that the event is viewed, in real-time, by online attendants that are able to directly interact with other online attendees or with people at the actual event. A virtual corporate event can either be strictly virtual, meaning that there aren’t any real-life attendees or it can be a hybrid event in which there are both virtual attendees as well as in-person ones.

Why virtual events?
Why should you take your event online? In today's ever more virtualized world, having a digital component to any event is no longer optional. As more and more people work and interact remotely, being able to host your corporate events online has become a vital part of any modern business structure.
What Valco Can do for you
Valco Consulting has extensive experience virtualizing events of all kinds. We have hosted thousands of events across a broad spectrum of industries. We will provide all technical support both for the event and for guests as well as the MCs who will keep the event running smoothly. In other words, we will facilitate the virtual part so you can seamlessly focus on the core message or purpose of the event.
The Right Team
We have partnered with Zoom to provide you with the most reliable, intuitive, and seamless experience possible. Our service is easy to use and completely scalable so it will work smoothly whether you are broadcasting virtually to 5 people or to 5000. Our experienced and knowledgeable team has been carefully trained to help guide you and your guests with the fewest possible disruption in the natural flow of the event.
To request more information please book a consultation
Thank you for your interest in our virtual corporate events services! We look forward to speaking with you. Please simply use the scheduler to book your 30-minute virtual consultation.