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Trade Show Models
elevate your brand
We provide professional trade show models, promotional models, and brand ambassadors. Whether you are looking to hire models for trade shows, promotional tours, product launches, or golf tournaments we’re here to help.

Our expertise 

Our team of educated, charismatic, and professional models has been carefully selected from thousands of applicants. The goal is to provide you with the best and most talented individuals in order to engage with your audience and maximize your brand impact. Our media-trained models will create memorable brand experiences whether you are launching a product, exhibiting at a trade show, or simply hosting an event. Stand out from the competition and maximize your potential sales by hiring our models today!

Trade shows
Trade show models are a type of promotional model that is dedicated to working trade shows and expos. Also referred to as booth models or convention models, they are experienced at drawing in foot traffic and generating trade show leads. The basic responsibilities of a trade show model include bringing clients into a booth, offering product samples, registering attendees, and talking to sales prospects.
Why hire models?
Why should you choose to hire a trade show model? Trade shows are all about attracting the attention of would-be buyers of your product or service. It is simple, the more people you attract the greater chance of generating sales. Hiring models has been statistically proven to attract more attention and drive more traffic to your show exhibit thereby,
The Right Staff
Exhibiting at a trade show is expensive, and you only have one chance to get it right. Having the right staffing partner is crucial for driving leads at the show and making an impact. Valco's Trade Show Specialists are outgoing, articulate, professional, and reliable. They are willing to learn about your company's products or services and familiarize themselves with your industry.
To request more information please book a consultation
Thank you for your interest in our trade show model services! We look forward to speaking with you. Please simply use the scheduler to book your 30 minute virtual consultation. 
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Our promo team receives in-depth onboarding and immersive brand training developed specifically for your brand's objectives, with an amazing track record in sales to sample conversion. We manage your POS, inventory, account relationship, all while leading with all laws and regulations.

Great talent and great training equals memorable consumer experiences. That is our philosophy! We know where to find great people and have been placing talented individuals with great companies throughout the United States and overseas. Our job is to find the perfect match for your business. The majority of our candidates come highly recommended in South Florida and have worked closely with us for months. Our core team is reliable and understands the dynamic of the industry. We know you expect the best, and at Valco, that is what we deliver.